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Gambling addiction and therapy

One of the most serious and destructive dependencies is gambling or gambleing. It manifests itself as an uncontrollable attraction to the state that occurs during gambling. Man passionately aspires to that new, changed reality, formed during gambling.

The term “gambling” itself is derived from the English word “gamble” and is translated as “risky enterprise, gambling. Otherwise, this dependence is called ludomania (from the Latin “ludo” – “gambling”).

Pathological passion for gambling – has recently been entered in the register of mental illness and placed in a special directory next to pyromania. (Pyromania – deliberate and targeted arsons, committed repeatedly).

From ludomania suffer mainly young, more often successful and often talented people, who quickly lose their abilities, goals, harm themselves and their families, often committing crimes of addiction. Gambling has a special place among addicts because of its consequences.

Now esports has become popular, in particular csgo gambling (read more here). This phenomenon is quickly spread among young people. Older people are more likely to depend on classic gambling.

Gambling is a special addiction for the modern man. For its formation, society creates not just favorable conditions, but often a regime of maximum favors. The man is tempted, pushed to gambling, forced to play. At the same time, special importance in the emergence and spread of gambling has to do with gambling, which is imposed on the man from outside. This, above all, is engaged in one of the most highly profitable types of business – gaming. It offers a lot of forms of gambling – from casinos to lotteries. A diverse and sophisticated gambling industry constantly offers “easy and fast to get an apartment, a car and a round the world trip” doing nothing for it.

It is gambling can create an illusion that most accurately simulates the process of obtaining a large sum of money. In this case, the game, imitating the business, selects from it only the most exciting – the game element. It does not require a significant investment of initial capital, connections, time and effort to get the effect. As a result, a person who, for various reasons, considers the business is not available to themselves, with the help of gambling can imitate the business.

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